Training and consultancy

Training topics

Our training content is developed with leading members of the ROS-I Consortium to ensure consistency and high quality. It is typical delivered over 5 days with the first covering prerequisites and the last advanced topics. There are both theory presentations and practical workshops. All courses are delivered in English and use the Python programming language.

Prerequisites: Covers all of the prerequisites to be able to make the most of the later days. This includes orienting your self in the Linux Gnome desktop environment, use of the BASH command line and basic Python programming techniques.

ROS Introduction: Introduction to the core ROS concepts including the file system, computational graph, package manager and ROS tools. You will develop your own ROS package and create nodes using the Python API.

Manipulation and URDF: We develop our own robot description using the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF). From this we understand transformation frames with the tf framework and use our URDF in the MoveIt! application, both in simulation and with a physical robot arm, for autonomous path planning.

Navigation: Using the powerful tools available in ROS we develop a navigation application both in simulation using Gazebo and with a physical robot. This uses the various SMASH algorithms, the amcl package for localisation and various path planning tools. By the end of this session we can both map and autonomously navigate a mobile robot.

State machines: We understand how SMACH task-level hierarchical state machines can be used to create complex robot behaviour. We develop our own states and state machines and use the built in introspection and concurrency.

Best practices: A critical part of the training for bringing applications into industry, we explore ROS best practices from development through to release. This includes the available testing frameworks and CI systems that ROS-I provides.

Highly recommended

Our workshops come highly recommended averaging between 4 and 5 out of 5 for overall satisfaction from participants with repeat customers. Should you have any questions regarding any aspect of the training or wish to develop an on-site bespoke training with your hardware please reach out to us on the contact page.

Truly amazing intro to ROS; excellent balance between breadth and depth. You get a good overview of what’s possible and enough info / exercises to make it become reality! Inspiring instructors and excellend handouts! I can only recommend this course!
Davy Van den Bosch
Thank you Gary, well prepared, practical and experienced tutor. Highly recommended!
John Wilson, Solitech Ltd.
The course is very informative, a well structured overview not only of ROS as a software, but a lot of the current state of the art robotic control workflows as well.
Khaled el Ashy, Foster + Partners
Great intro to ROS. Good mix of theory and practice. Really enjoyed the workshop.
Vincent Huyghe, University College London

ROS-I Training options

We have multiple training options from self paced online tutorials to public face to face classroom workshops. These two formats contain the same content but offer flexibility for the type of learning that suites you. We also offer bespoke on site training. This can be adapted to your needs and hardware varying from the full 5 days training to a one day events / lectures. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Next Live Online training event 20-24 July 2020



Self paced online learning with full content available

  • All training topics covered
  • Includes fully setup ROS environment to take away
  • All lectures recorded including video of speaker
  • All workshops available in simulation and debriefed in full including videos of physical hardware

Classroom training


Face to face teaching at one of our UK public training weeks

  • All training topics covered
  • Includes fully setup ROS environment to take away
  • Lectures delivered in person by experienced tutor with time for questions
  • Hands on workshops with simulated and physical hardware



Custom training to your requirements and hardware

  • Select your own topics based on your business requirements or experience
  • Workshops can be ported to your in house hardware
  • Hardware can be provided by us if preferred
  • We are available across Europe for in house training