Improving linked-data tools

A look at the improvements to linked-data tools over the last year

We have been using linked-data for a number of years both in the AEC domain early in the briefing process using the BOT ontology and in advanced robotics with SkiROS and the Stamina ontology.

Previously when working with these technologies we have found the associated tooling a little wanting. It may be because we are working in corner use cases or we have become used to such nice tooling when working with every day software development.

Over the past year however there have been some interesting changes worth noting:

Firstly is not a new tool but one that eases working with rdf files facilitating conversations to turtle “using as much as possible prefix declarations”. This results in usable turtle files for authoring rdf data in a normal text editors.


Secondly we have the QuitStore project which builds atop of Git the Distributed Version Control tool that we use for all of our projects.

It gives us a standard SPARQL 1.1 interface to our data which is stored for us in a Git repo. It also uses Git to facilitate branch, merge, and synchronise strategies tailored for RDF data.

Stardog language servers

Finally we have the Stardog language server (add other associated plug ins). Being a language server it is editor independent so can be integrated with your tools of choice. It provides very nice features for working with SPARQL and Turtle including Hovers, Completion and Diagnostics.

When combining the above three projects you have a reasonable working environment for linked-data authoring.