Develop intelligent robotic applications

We support open source robotics with expert training and consultancy

Next Live Online training event 20-24 July 2020

Early adopters of ROS-Industrial in 2012, we have taught and consulted broadly both at top academic institutes and into industry delivering for a wide range of disciplines and expertise.

Develop intelligent robotic applications

Having mastered dull, repetitive jobs for decades, robots are ready for a challenge. From autonomous vehicles to batch-size-one fabrication, smart robots are becoming more common place and they all have one thing in common, ROS.

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a collection of software libraries and tools that help developers and programmers build robot applications. From drivers and state-of-the-art algorithms to powerful developer tools, ROS is open-source. Free to use, free to share.

ROS-Industrial (ROS-I) extends the advanced capabilities of ROS to manufacturing automation. In addition to research and educational institutions that serve and collaborate with industry, ROS-I is particularly geared to robot manufacturers, component suppliers, system integrators and robot end users.

As evidenced by the activity and sheer number of entrants to the order fulfillment, warehouse and logistics space, this area has proven that ROS-based solutions can survive and even thrive in manufacturing environments where uptime and reliability are critical
Matt Robinson, Program Manager for ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas

With the ROS-I Consortium in Europe we develop a common curriculum for our training, working with the experts who maintain the core of the ROS-I system. We have secured Educational Project support from the Horizon 2020 sponsored ROSin project.

Our training delivers the underlying principles as well as applications with a clear path to commercial exploitation. This includes both technical and non-technical subjects such as licensing to assist in the adoption of the ROS framework.

We cover ROS-I Best Practices from development to release. This includes discovering how ROS-I uses continuous integration (CI), unit testing and code reviews to ensure software quality to conform to industrial requirement.

Our training comes included with pre configured ROS installations. This comes in the form of USB live media, Virtual Machine images as well as Ansible playbooks so that you can put your skills into use as soon as you finish the training.


I have had a great ROS experience while attending this workshop! I would recommend it to people interested in finding out why more & more people are using ROS in their Robotics applications / solutions.
H. Marin-Reyes, The University of Sheffield
Very interesting concept of the Open Source community. Opened my eyes and answered many questions with regard to the software development world.
Kevin Walker, Yaskawa UK
The workshop has provided me with a good overview of ROS and helped me quickly get started so I can start using it straight away. The instructors were great, I met interesting people from various backgrounds and am overall more aware of the developments taking place in the world of robotics. And the cakes were outstanding!
Bobby Motwani, Saab Seaeye Ltd.